9+Ways to increase battery life in smartphone || Increase Battery Life

9+Ways to increase battery life in smartphone || Increase Battery Life

Maybe you all are one smartphone or any type of phone that you still using and I know you all are facing short battery timing in your smartphone but today in this article I am going to share some tips and if you follow them tips you can definitely increase your smartphones battery life.

I am going to tell you today some basic tips or you can say some basic hacks that really works and if you follow them your smartphone going to be work UPTo 2 time longer.

1).Turn Off all the Applications That are still Running or Activated in your Background.

2).Turn Off all Radios Like-Bluetooth,Wifi,Gps. Only if you are not using them or you don,t need to turn on.

3).Turn Off Auto App Updates By Play-store.

4).Turn Off all Active Sounds That are Not needed Like-Gesture Sound,Notification Sound,Touch Sound,lock screen/on screen sound all extra sound effects etc.

5).Decrease Your Screen Brightness As Well As you feel Comfortable to read Of Access Anything.

6).Decrease Screen timeout Because it takes too much Battery Even the phone is Not In Use.

7).Turn Off Unwanted Notification data Usage.Only For Those Apps That You Don’t Want Notification For Each time.

8).Don’t use Fake/Local Chargers Use Only Branded Chargers to Charge your Phone.Because they Harm your Battery.

9).Turn Off Google Assistant/Siri.Because they Use your Microphone & Because of them your Microphone always Use your Battery even they are not in use.

10).don’t use 3rd Party Application who access All your unwanted Access Like Phone Contact’s,Camera,Microphone etc.



Source:- bhardwajzoneofficial