PUBG Snow Map, locations and C4 Revealed by Data-miner

PUBG Snow Map, locations and C4 Revealed by Data-miner

It’s already known that the Snow Map would be arriving to PUBG this winter, and now all thanks to datamine, as the players have been able to get the glimpse of the winter wonderland a little earlier than expected.

A Reddit user has posted the image of the new snow map, found within the game files, and in the pics posted, the white seems to be snow, with major routes marked by off-white lines, and buildings, towns and settlements marked in yellow. There are several bridge connections across the map and a river flow. Users can note few new features as well as new explosives, a possible night mode and a rumoured new game mode called Conquest.

Dihor Otok is bigger than Sanhok but slightly smaller than Erangel, noted PUBG enthusiasts. There’s also a new explosive weapon in C4, in addition to renders of several buildings for Dihor Otok, and other references to more weather types.

On the other hand, reports claim that the he Sanhok map will be available on PUBG Mobile v0.8.0 soon after launch on September 12.

Source:- gadgetgogi